Sulfites are NoChefMod: PURCHASING POWER REIGNITED t the Culprit for Wine Headaches

Are you a restaurant owner? Stranded because you lack the purchasing power for your restaurant items? Worry no more as the purchasing power of your business can be reignited.

ChefMod has been developed specifically for the independently owned restaurant, and is the only National full-process restaurant Group Purchasing Organization in the United States. The company cloud based system gives you access to a suite of tools accessible from your computer or mobile phone.

What will you get from ChefMod membership? The most effective systems are simple to use and easily accessed, from inventory, ordering and receiving, to a fool proof recipe management and cost food costing solution. System solutions are what we know best and we have designed them to streamline your business workflow.

Why would anyone choose ChefMod? Among the services offered to the members are;

  1. Order Management

Highly trained and skilled personnel are employed who ensure your orders are processed with the right suppliers and everything is confirmed for delivery. Issues that usually arise from suppliers are taken care of.

  1. Support Hours

We understand that your demands do not end at 5 o’clock. Member Specialists work 7 days and nights too to resolve any unforeseen issues which will be solved without your involvement. So don’t stress, just enjoy your evening workout.

  1. Consultations

A consultative approach with each member is used to insure that members make the best long term decisions for their business. Value Statement are prepared regularly and reviewed with each member several times a year.

  1. Data Management

Data security and updates are highly upheld at ChefMod. The system integrations are working to ensure that your data is always updated and secure. The people allowed access are the owner and the staff he/she allows access to.

  1. EZRECIPE/Menu Management

Recipe and Menu management has been made easier. With each passing day, the ChefMod team creates ingredient ready items for every product that you buy. As these new items are added to the program, they become available to search online and also may present as lower cost alternatives for items you currently purchase. Updating ingredient costs is also what the company does every day. Each time you make a ChefMod order, your recipes automatically update with the most recent purchase costs.

At ChefMod, we employ highly trained and skilled personnel to maximize the membership experience. Providing valuable personnel is at the core of what ChefMod delivers.



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