7 Reasons the Way You Drink Champagne is Not Right

1. You use an inappropriate glass

When it comes to drinking champagne, white wine glass works far better than flutes and coupes. That is because although flutes do a good job of showcasing bubbles, their narrowness ditches flavor and aroma. Coupes, on the other hand, causes overexposure of your drink, letting bubbles escape very fast, resulting in loss of aroma.


2. You combine champagne with fine items only

Champagne may give you the impression of tasting best with fine delicacies, but the fact is that it tastes even better with fatty and salty items. Do not hesitate to get some hotdogs, fried chicken pieces and French fries.

3. You pour a bit too much champagne

If you fill beyond one-third of your glass, your champagne will become warm pretty fast, making it difficult for you to enjoy the chilled crispiness.

4. You open your bottle wrong

Remember, the correct way to open your bottle is to dominate the cage with your thumb, and then untwist the thing, keeping the wire frame intact. After that, instead of twisting the cork, twist your bottle apart!

5. You Store Champagne In The Fridge For Way Too Long.

Unless you’re planning to consume Champagne within 3-4 days, store the bottle in a cool, dark place until you’re ready to drink it. “If you store it for weeks [in the refrigerator], it will become problematic because there is not a lot of humidity in a fridge and the cork is going to dry out,” Losfelt says. “As the cork dries out, the seal between the bottle and the cork will loosen up and the Champagne will oxidize faster, which will dramatically change its aromas.”

6. You Hold Your Glass By The Bowl, Not The Stem.

Champagne’s temperature is hugely important to tasting its flavor complexity. If you hold the glass by the bowl, your hand will warm the liquid too quickly.

7. You Wait For Special Occasions.

The bubbly beverage is not meant to accent only formal or celebratory occasions. “Don’t overthink Champagne – just enjoy it,” Losfelt says. “And if you have a bottle of Champagne in your refrigerator now, don’t wait for a special occasion…You will see that by opening that bottle, the special occasion will come to you.”

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